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  • Project Length: 4 Weeks
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    I like simple, clean and functional websites which are accessible to everyone beyond any accessability problems and respect users'valuable time. When it comes to make my own portfolio; I tried to put all these things together to show my passion about this. The design is simple to view the information easily.


    I gather all the information what I need to put in my portfolio first; as suggested by my instructor I watched few vedios on portfolioPlanning-Web-Design-Portfolio-Getting-Job. After that I make the wireframes to get the rough idea how the layout will look like and how I manage the content on that particular layout.

    desktop-wireframe mobile-wireframe

    I always try to give myself more than two options, so I can go through project smoothly with enough space. I create two mockups design for my portfolio, so I can choose the better one to showcase my works. Below is the image of mockup that I created for portfolio as a starting point.



    Once I get the clear idea what I am going to do then I start my portfolio. For the development, I use SASS(Syntactically Awesome StyleSheets) which allows me to use things like variables, nested rules, inline imports. It also helps to keep things organized and allows me to create stylesheets faster. My portfolio's header and footer are remain same, so I used PHP templates instead of repeating the same code on every single page.