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  • Project Length: 5 Weeks
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Cedarside Coach House is a small business website which provide every single information related to the coach house. The main purpose for the design and development of this website to redesign the website which able to convey that place as close as possible to the users, and also make the navigation easy.

The project was completed in tight schudule of five weeks with the mutual efforts of other three awesome group members.


We started this project with in-person meeting with client to understand about purpose, goals, target audience, design, colors etc for the development of the site.

After discovering what are the requirements, we make the wireframes and information architecture.

cedarside-planning cedarside-planning-wireframe cedarside-information-archtecture cedarside-information-archtecture02


This site was built on a custom WordPress theme. Each page was coded separately since the structural content of each page was different. With a user centered approach, we incorporated various dynamic elements to enhance the overall usability of the site with specific functions enabled/disabled across various devices.

User Testing

For the final portion of the project, we conducted a site testing to determine the usability and efficiency of the site. The site testing allowed us to observe a user’s interaction with the interface, layout and content and to validate specific features that were incorporated into the site. For more detailed information, I will add site testing report when site testing will complete as a pdf file.